Snelling connects Great People seeking Great Employers
Great Employers seeking Greart People!

Snelling-St. Louis has been one of the leading professional Staffing agencies in St. Louis, Mo for decades. That’s why in St. Louis, Mo..... Snelling means Staffing. Snelling St. Louis offers Direct Hire, Contract to Hire, Temp to Hire and Temporary Staffing Staffing services thru many leading St. Louis organizations, both not for profit and for profit.

We are one of the leading Temp Agencies who offers temp services as a long established Temp Staffing Agencies in St. Loui MO. We pride ourselves in providing "The Right Fit" - an individual who can contribute to an organisation's success. Call Snelling-St. Louis. Snelling has been one of the leading temporary staffing agencies in St. Louis, Mo since the early 1950's and our Snelling office in St. Louis was established over 25 years ago. So for the best results, call Snelling first. We can do the complete process for you or provide you with a selection of services that best fit your needs. Here is a link to our EMPLOYERS page.

Added Value Solutions

Snelling will improve your staffing efficiency and increase your profitability by reducing time spent on personnel related activities:

  • Reviewing resumes & applications

  • Payroll checks and questions

  • Vacation and holiday time

  • Administrative Issues

  • Interviewing

  • Reference Checks

  • Criminal background checks

Utilizing Snelling-St. Louis for temporary personnel means no more payroll headaches. Our fees include:

  • Wages

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

  • All other related insurances

  • Unemployment

  • Administrative check costs

 What does this mean for you?:

  • No impact on your unemployment rate

  • No benefits to pay

  • No sick day or holiday pay

  • Pay only for hours a person actually worked

  • Snelling-St. Louis is your personnel department!

Jobs in St. Louis, MO

The Snelling-St. Louis team focuses on connecting great Job Seekers with leading employers here in our community. Because of our long-term experience and hometown roots, we know the organizations and the positions that need to be filled today and tomorrow. Snelling's staffing managers each have more than 10 years of experience.  

If you are a highly qualified individual looking for an agency that provides everything from satisfying temp jobs to your dream job, contact Snelling-St. Louis for a staffing opportunity today.

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