How to Retain Employees

By Tony Caramatti | September 27, 2022

We have a client that offers pool tables, ping pong, an amazing workplace, flexibility, and even lunches on Friday.   There’s just one problem: their pay is awful.   And so is their employee retention.   They want an $18 an hour person, but they only want to pay them $13.   “Yeah,” they say,…


What is the Importance of Benefits on Employee Retention?

By Tony Caramatti | September 22, 2022

A few months ago, we noticed a lot of the people we hired for a client’s business were quitting.   It didn’t make sense. The client seemed to be a great employer.   They paid well and they offered great benefits – healthcare, vacation time, all the usual perks.   We sent them quality employees…


What is a Good Employee Retention Rate?

By Tony Caramatti | September 12, 2022

A prospective client boasted to me recently that he had never let an employee go.   At first, I was surprised. Then I was horrified.   He’s a restaurant owner. High conversion is a natural part of his business.   So I looked at his current employees. Sure enough, it was clear that one of…


How Many Does It Take?

By Tony Caramatti | July 13, 2022

Those of us over a certain age probably recall the Tootsie Pop commercial. It was a cartoon depicting a boy that was trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.  He asks an owl perched in a tree.  By the mortarboard cap on…


No Thank You?

By Tony Caramatti | March 31, 2022

“Shame on you.”   Decades ago, I sat with my wife on the floor of our studio apartment and wrote, by hand, over 150 thank you notes to our family and friends for their wedding gifts.  We had taken far too long to complete this time-consuming yet simple task.   After the wedding, we had…


No more temps.

By Tony Caramatti | March 11, 2022

“We think in language. The quality of our thoughts and ideas can only be as good as the quality of our language.” George Carlin said this in one of his stand-up routines thirty years ago, and I still remember it so clearly. That comment in particular is the one that sticks with me, because of…

Photo of Woman attracting new employee in post-Covid world

How to Attract Employees Post-Covid

By Chuck Vogel | January 24, 2022

I had a client recently complain about his prospects demanding to work remotely. He liked the culture he’d built and didn’t like the hassle that came with keeping employees remote. But he couldn’t find anyone with the qualifications that would come to the office as much as he wanted. I had to point out that…


How to Hire Remote Workers

By Chuck Vogel | December 15, 2021

A friend of mine hired his first remote worker recently. The prospect was great on paper and passed all the assessment tests. They should have been a great employee. But being fully remote, she wasn’t a part of last-minute meetings. She didn’t keep up with the day-to-day changes in the business or build relationships with…


How to Use a Staffing Agency

By Chuck Vogel | November 17, 2021

Here’s a sad story about a business owner who burned an hour of precious time — for nothing. He met with a recruiter to discuss an opening at his company.  They met for an hour. The recruiter pulled some resumes from her pile. None of them fit.  Not even close “It was like we weren’t…

Image of Employee Searching for Job on Social Media

How to Recruit Employees Through Social Media

By Chuck Vogel | November 9, 2021

Before we hired her, one of our employees used to be flooded with LinkedIn job opportunities.  I asked her: How many employers approached you on LinkedIn before we hired you?. She pulled out her phone and kept scrolling. The average was 30 a day. She ignored almost every one.  The Big Myth: “If You Post…