Photo of Woman attracting new employee in post-Covid world

How to Attract Employees Post-Covid

By Chuck Vogel | January 24, 2022

I had a client recently complain about his prospects demanding to work remotely. He liked the culture he’d built and didn’t like the hassle that came with keeping employees remote. But he couldn’t find anyone with the qualifications that would come to the office as much as he wanted. I had to point out that…


How to Hire Remote Workers

By Chuck Vogel | December 15, 2021

A friend of mine hired his first remote worker recently. The prospect was great on paper and passed all the assessment tests. They should have been a great employee. But being fully remote, she wasn’t a part of last-minute meetings. She didn’t keep up with the day-to-day changes in the business or build relationships with…


How to Use a Staffing Agency

By Chuck Vogel | November 17, 2021

Here’s a sad story about a business owner who burned an hour of precious time — for nothing. He met with a recruiter to discuss an opening at his company.  They met for an hour. The recruiter pulled some resumes from her pile. None of them fit.  Not even close “It was like we weren’t…

Image of Employee Searching for Job on Social Media

How to Recruit Employees Through Social Media

By Chuck Vogel | November 9, 2021

Before we hired her, one of our employees used to be flooded with LinkedIn job opportunities.  I asked her: How many employers approached you on LinkedIn before we hired you?. She pulled out her phone and kept scrolling. The average was 30 a day. She ignored almost every one.  The Big Myth: “If You Post…

Employee Getting the job

Why Should I Use a Staffing Agency to Find a Job?

By Chuck Vogel | October 22, 2021

You’re looking for a job, and — at least on paper — you look like all of those others who posted their resume to the online job boards.  How do you get that employer to click your application instead of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of others they get every day? Some turn to so-called “temp…


The #1 Reason That Good Employees Quit

By Chuck Vogel | August 23, 2021

I had a conversation with a former client the other day. We’d been working with him for two years. Most employees we sent to his business burned out quickly Finally, I said enough. I met with the owner. He blamed financial and production problems. I offered a different explanation. “You want to know the #1…

Photo: How to Recruit Entry Level Employees

How to Recruit Entry-Level Employees in a Changing Job Market

By Chuck Vogel | August 3, 2021

My friend Sue recently asked me to help her attract qualified job applicants for her business. She had plenty of entry-level openings for factory jobs. But she couldn’t fill them.  She used tactics that worked in the past. They didn’t work any more.  She turned to four recruiting agencies to show her how to recruit…


Why Good Employees Leave

By Chuck Vogel | May 10, 2021

I recently hired a new recruiter who quit after just one week. I had high hopes for this person. They were experienced in the industry in general, and I have a ton of experience in the area I was deploying them into. I even brought on another employee to create a guide based on our…

Photo of employer who wants to know how to find good employees

How to Find Good Employees Who Become Great

By Chuck Vogel | March 31, 2021

A few years ago, a senior partner at a law firm called me because he wasn’t sure how to find good employees. The firm had been searching in vain for a lawyer who checked all the boxes. After getting nowhere in their search, they turned to me. As they described the person they wanted, I…

How to Hire the Right Employee the First Time

How To Hire Employees – Get the Right Person the First Time

By Chuck Vogel | August 25, 2020

I know a business owner who touted his ability to hire employees based just on their resumes.  “If the resume checks the right boxes, they’re right for the job,” he told me.  He thought he was being efficient. I knew he was being short-sighted.  He didn’t connect the dots between his hiring “efficiency” and his…