How to Attract Employees Post-Covid

I had a client recently complain about his prospects demanding to work remotely.

He liked the culture he’d built and didn’t like the hassle that came with keeping employees remote.

But he couldn’t find anyone with the qualifications that would come to the office as much as he wanted.

I had to point out that he wasn’t even going into the office full time yet.

Applicants Demand Flexibility

The most common question I get from prospects is, “Is it remote?”

They might love the position, appreciate the benefits, and enjoy the culture, but they’ve gotten used to working from home, and they like it!

How can my client keep his culture and the level of activity he desires while attracting the best talent?

Here’s how to attract employees in this post-covid world.

Embrace the Hybrid Office

Good business involves compromise.

A lot of jobs can’t be done remotely. Many businesses need people to come in, whether it’s a hands-on job or to foster the team dynamic.

But many of the best prospects have built their work-life around remote work.

Designate several days a week when people come into the office, and otherwise have them work remotely.

Point out to prospects that a hybrid workplace balances out the downside for both parties.

Remote prospects and employees get to have the connectivity they miss out on when they work alone. When a deal goes bad or a client is tough to deal with, they have immediate support.

By coming in even just a day or two a week, they stay informed and relevant.

Meanwhile, business owners keep their employees motivated while benefiting from that connectivity, keeping their team in the loop, and checking in on problems.

Create a pilot of 2-3 weeks to settle on a schedule that works best.

If numbers start to trend down, you know that prospect isn’t doing well in the current schedule.

Adjust as needed to find what works.

Environment and Culture

Gen Z’s and Millennials generally like remote work. Gen X and Boomers generally don’t.

The hybrid office allows both to give something up and get something in return.

Environment and culture have changed from traditional thinking, but the basics remain the same.

Make sure remote employees understand that they need to get the job done – the same as if they were in the office.

Reward employees who come to the office and build community by organizing more in-office events – weekly lunches, group coffee breaks, and more. 

A hybrid office allows everyone to have their cake and eat it too.

The Same Job Post Covid

Attracting the best employees always takes time building relationships, honing the job title, and being in front of the right prospect at the right moment.

Creating an enjoyable workplace for prospects is critical to attract employees post covid.

It takes work, but shifting your office to a hybrid environment can be the difference between hiring the best and not hiring anyone.

If you want a staffing partner who understands how to attract employees post-Covid, we’re here for you.

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Chuck Vogel