Only one St. Louis staffing company offers unrivaled staffing solutions. Snelling.

Our Team

President / Owner

I am an entrepreneur with an extensive background in finance & accounting, team building, and business support. I work with clients to match their needs with the right qualities and experience. I focus on understanding processes and culture to target the appropriate expertise. I have spent my career developing and implementing processes, matching the skillset with those processes, and augmenting the workforce to fit the needs of the business.


Senior Staffing Manager
I have been in the staffing & recruiting industry for 22 years, 18 of those with Snelling St. Louis. I have been fortunate to consistently rank among the top 10 Staffing Specialists nationwide.  I have a passion for helping people find their long-term career path or just during a transition period.  It is very fulfilling to listen to a client’s unique staffing needs, recruiting the best pool of candidates possible and providing excellent customer service after they are placed.  I love what I do!


Staffing Manager
I have been with Snelling St. Louis for almost 18 years primarily heading up our  Childcare division and supporting our Light Industrial division. I even went as far as opening a Kansas City location! I thoroughly enjoy working with our childcare centers, ensuring we stay current with the requirements of the industry. I understand and enjoy the demands of childcare and how important it is to make sure all of our childcare centers have the staff they need to operate their business.


Staffing Manager
I joined Snelling St. Louis with 10 years of experience in Medical and Physician recruitment as well as 4 years of experience working in an Occupational Medicine clinic. I am currently launching our Senior Care division working with in-home caregivers, CNA’s and other medical professionals. I have been actively involved in the Brentwood School District for the past 6 years, served on the Board for the last 2 years, and am currently the Special School District Representative. I am passionate about working with elder care and look forward to working with you!


Account Executive
I am an experienced sales professional dedicated to delivering value-added solutions.  My primary goal is to build relationships with our clients through ensuring their needs are always being met. I am focused on becoming a trusted advisor to my clients through thoughtful analysis of their issues and making resolution of them my priorities. I spend the majority of my time in our Light Industrial division and look forward to helping you meet your goals!


Administrative Assistant
In my role, I continue my involvement with service to the public. My first career was as a Special Education teacher in the public schools. I was able to assist my students and their parents with resources, strategies, and instruction to help them achieve success and independence. Once I retired I began a second career with Snelling St. Louis. I am at a different level in service to the public, but love that I am able to offer information and assistance that can help someone as they work toward their goal of employment. I am the first person you speak with by phone or upon entering the office. I will always try to answer your questions, assist you with the paperwork, or connect you with the person that you need in the employment process!