Why Should I Use a Staffing Agency to Find a Job?

You’re looking for a job, and — at least on paper — you look like all of those others who posted their resume to the online job boards. 

How do you get that employer to click your application instead of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of others they get every day?

Some turn to so-called “temp agencies.” But it’s no secret people have nightmare experiences with such agencies.

These are the traditional high volume, high turnover, high churn agencies that follow a “fire and forget” strategy for job placements.

They don’t personalize. They’re not about job satisfaction. Their one goal is getting a position filled, however brutal and short that might be for all involved.

They are about quantity, not quality.

This leaves the candidates that use them with a rotten feeling. 

Not all “agencies” are created equal. 

I run a staffing agency — which is not the same thing as those quantity-over-quality temp agencies.

The problem: Lots of people think “temp” and “staffing” agencies are the same thing. 

A jobseeker has the rotten experience with a temp agency and then asks, “Why should I ever use a staffing agency to find a job!?” 

Here’s why: Staffing agencies like Snelling promote quality. 

My job is to help quality jobseekers stand out so they can land with an employer who will benefit from their skills. 

Here’s how staffing agencies like mine do it: 

Staffing Agencies Personalize

There are tons of job openings out there. But competition is fierce for the desirable jobs. 

A real staffing agency sifts through resumes to find and groom the best candidates.

Employers trust good staffing agencies because they deliver quality.

Staffing agencies are selective. They don’t work with everyone. They help candidates with the best qualifications that match what employers need. 

If you work with a staffing agency, you come with a seal of approval that employers trust. You stand out from the crowd.

Staffing agencies also will get to know you. You’re not just another cog in the machine. They learn what your dream job is and what you’re looking for from an employer. Then they apply their expertise to find a good fit for you.

Staffing agencies have a surgical rather than herd approach. They find the best match for your skills. 

The bottom line: You improve your odds of being noticed, interviewed and offered a job.

Open Options

A staffing agency often has six or seven job openings that fit a skill set. 

An employer? Only one.

By getting your resume into a staffing agency’s database, you’re multiplying your options to land your dream job.

But sometimes the opportunity that seems like a “dream job,” doesn’t turn out to be so dreamy. Staffing agencies often place employees under a temporary contract. 

This means the employee and employer can try each other out. If it’s not a good fit, the staffing agency will help the employee find a better opportunity. 

Temp agencies don’t work that way.  

Even if things are going well at the new job, a staffing agency will continue searching for you.

From their point of view, getting you into their database was the cost. So once they have your information they keep using it. 

They keep hunting for openings to find a new, better option should your current job disappoint.

No more getting back on the job sites to start the same search over again. No more reaching out to employers who aren’t interested.

You have a dedicated professional in your camp who does this for you, day in and day out.

Why I Should Use a Staffing Agency to Find a Job

The question isn’t, “Why should you use a staffing agency to find a job?” but rather, “Why wouldn’t you?”

There are always risks when looking for a new job. Your new employer might not be who they claim to be, or the job tasks might not be as advertised.

You face those risks whether you use a staffing agency or not. But with a staffing agency, you have more options and better protection.

A good staffing agency gives you the flexibility to try new jobs until you find the perfect fit.

It keeps searching for you so that you don’t have to do all the work finding something new.

And a real staffing agency personalizes its approach. They want to keep working with you and employers to make great matches. That means happy employers. That means you have a better chance to land the job you want. 

Your dream job is out there waiting for you. Snelling can help you find it. 

We know how to recruit AND retain top employees…

…and we can help you do it. 

Give us 30 minutes to share how our recruiting and screening process will give you the right candidate, the first time.


Chuck Vogel