We have a client that offers pool tables, ping pong, an amazing workplace, flexibility, and even lunches on Friday.


There’s just one problem: their pay is awful.


And so is their employee retention.


They want an $18 an hour person, but they only want to pay them $13.


“Yeah,” they say, “but look at all our awesome perks!”


They don’t understand that perks are only part of it. You need to have a balance.


More than that, you need to know what your employees care about, not what you care about.


Here’s how to retain employees.


Pay a Competitive Salary


If you want to compete, you have to pay competitively.


Quality employees know what their time is worth. If you want them to give you a chance, take away a reason to humor anyone else.


That means paying a rate that fits the quality of employee you’re looking for.


Anything else comes off as a lack of respect.


You wouldn’t take a first date to Denny’s and expect that to make a good impression.


Don’t lowball prospective employees and expect them to care that you have a ping pong table.


Set Clear Expectations


Setting clear expectations is as important for you as it is for who you’re hiring.


We’ve placed employees into a position with one title, only to learn they left two weeks later when our client changed the job title and the entire job description.


That means they didn’t know what they needed. Don’t put yourself in that position.


Understand what role you need to fill and why you need it so that you can hire the best person for the job and tell them exactly what you’re expecting from them.


Then be upfront and don’t change the job description after you hire someone to fill it.


Celebrate Success


The clearer you are about what you’re expecting, the easier it is to recognize success.


When you do recognize it, make sure you let them know.


Appreciating a job well done shows that you notice it when you see it.


That motivates quality employees to stay because they know there’s a future with you.


Learn What Your Employees Value


Maybe they do care deeply about playing pool in the office or getting a free lunch on Fridays.


But then maybe they don’t.


You won’t know until you ask them.


When you do, listen to what they have to say and then find a way to give them what they want.


If you want to retain employees, it’s that simple.


Retain Employees by Hiring the Right Ones


Employee retention begins before you’ve even interviewed the first prospect.


Too many employers treat hiring like a commodity business. They think it’s a numbers game, or as simple as throwing up a post on LinkedIn.


But hiring a great employee takes knowing why they’re great, and most important of all, why they’re a great fit for your business.


It takes time and effort to do it right from the start so that you avoid pain at the end.


At Snelling, we have years of expertise in hiring and retaining the best employees for any specific business.


Give us 30 minutes to share how our recruiting and screening process will give you the right candidate, the first time.

Tony Caramatti